Pedestrian Accidents

Over 4,000 pedestrians are killed each year from motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents that result roughly every 111 minutes in the United States.An accident involving a pedestrians and motor vehicle can occur for various situations or reasons. Accident between pedestrians and cars can be catastrophic and thus pedestrians should always remain alert while crossing roads or traveling along side traffic. 22.3% of accidents occur when a pedestrian attempts to cross a street when there is no signal or crosswalk available.Having a crosswalk or signal however does not insure that a pedestrian will be safe when crossing the street. 21.7% of accidents involving pedestrians and cars occur when a signal or crosswalk are available.

Only 9.9% of accidents occur from crossing against the signal.Pedestrians, along with motorists, have to obey traffic lights and patterns at all times. They are also subject to the traffic-controlled walking signals. In cases where a traffic-control signal isn’t in place or functioning, the pedestrian has the right of way and a driver must yield once the pedestrian has entered the crosswalk.If you, a family member or friend, have been injured by a car while crossing a road or walking as a road side pedestrian, we urge you to contact one of our experienced lawyers as soon as possible!

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